Safety & Support

Two guides and luxury Hilux cars to support you

We make sure you are not on your own when something happens. We always have a guide on the water, to help you avoid the rare rock in the water, and to help you when your material does not.

There is also always a Hilux on the beach, close to you. Airconditioned, so you can cool off a bit after hours in the sunshine. There is always water for you on board, and some small snacks to keep you going. In the Exploring the North and Northeastcoast-Experience tour we use boats as support instead of a car: this is, because it is an area without meaningful roads. Our guides are euqipped with speakers and satelitephones.

In addition to your guides, the tour is supported by our back-office and that means there is always a fixed point-of-contact to organize things for you while you are kiting; far away from all 'connected' life.